Eclipse Tips

Workspace Auto Refresh

Setting General > Workspace checking Refresh automatically will have Eclipse automatically pick up the changes after you run code generation each time. Otherwise you’ll have to manually tell Eclipse to refresh after running code generation.

Static Import Favorites

If you list MigrationKeywords in your Eclipse favorites setting, their static methods will show up in Ctrl-Space code completion:

Java > Editor > Content Assist > Favorites add:


Now in migrations, typing cr<Ctrl-Space> will have createTable show up.

Static Import *

Static import support is still kind of clunky in Eclipse, e.g. copy/pasting code that uses static imports from one class to another will not bring the static imports with it, creating compile errors that are annoying to resolve.

Setting Java > Code Style > Organize Imports > Number of static imports needed for * to 1 means that MigrationKeywords.* will be used as soon as you have a single static import keyword in use and makes the copy/paste experience nicer.