Getting Started

To get started:

  1. Download the starter project.

    This is an example project with a dummy migration that you can start with and then tweak as needed.

  2. Ensure you have IvyDE installed in Eclipse.

    (This could be done with m2eclipse or straight jar files if you’re so inclined, as all of the dependencies are in public Maven repositories, but I personally use IvyDE. I’d welcome a pom.xml contribution.)

  3. Extract and import the joist-starter project into Eclipse.

  4. The project defaults to MySQL, if you’re using PostgreSQL, edit JoistCli and EmployeeTest and change Db.MYSQL to Db.PG.

  5. Create a file (next to ivy.xml) and set the administrator password for your local database by adding = .... (the user defaults to root for MySQL and postgres for Postgres).

  6. Edit and the database name and type (MySQL or Postgres).

  7. – the database name and type.

Joist will create a user for the application’s database. The user’s name is <database-name>_role and the password is <database-name>_role. You can change these in the JoistCli class by setting the user/password fields of the dbAppUserSettings object.

Next, run the starter-cycle launch file with Eclipse, and this create (or recreate) the database, apply the migrations, and run the code generator.

Moving On

From here, you might: